External Opportunity: Gently Used Books for Charter Schools

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April 25, 2014 BookEnds just received a donation of 65,000 gently used books from a corporate sponsor. They provide these books to schools and nonprofit partners at a cost of $1 per book. The books are conservatively valued at $6-$8 each. The revenue helps BookEnds with operating expenses while leveraging book budgets for our partners. This is truly a win-win.

BookEnds is eager to get these books into the hands of Los Angeles children and families prior to June 1 to support library development and home library development to challenge summer slide.

Please contact BookEnds directly through Gretchen Blake, Program Director at gblake@bookends.org or at 310-478-2665.

Here are two quotes from staff at KIPP schools, who recieved 5,300 of high quality, age-appropriate books to establish robust lending libraries for their classrooms:

"As an administrator, the books allowed KIA to save some money and keep our classrooms stocked. The funds saved from buying books for classroom libraries went directly towards other instructional supplies for the classroom."

"Most of the books were high interest to the kids, so it impacted reading motivation. Some of the books were a little high for the lower readers, so the books provided motivation to grow as a reader so they can read these books with high comprehension soon."