CCSA's Board President Invites You to Advocacy Day on May 7! Register by April 18!

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April 3, 2014 capitol_sunset.jpg (Feature: Small Thumbnail)Each May, close to 200 California charter school leaders, board members, parents, teachers and students join together to celebrate National Charter Schools Week with Advocacy Day hosted by CCSA in Sacramento.

Diane Tavenner, founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools (SPS) and CCSA, Board Chair, makes advocacy a priority and encourages others to do the same. Read her inspiring letter below, make advocacy a priority, and register today!:

Dear Charter School Advocate:

We are amidst another busy legislative season and are both positive about the incredible opportunities that lie before our movement as well as sobered by the unacceptable levels of resistance that the charter community continues to face. Your elected officials need to personally hear from you. You can provide direct, real-world insight into the successes and challenges of educating our young people through our state's charter schools. I encourage you to tell your story in Sacramento by attending CCSA's Annual Advocacy Day on May 7, 2014 in celebration of National Charter Schools Week--register now.

Our state leaders are elected into office by us, their constituents, and they must make informed decisions. It is our responsibility to educate them, correct misinformation and set the record straight about charter schools. Respond to this call to action and help advance our legislative efforts by participating in CCSA's Annual Advocacy Day on May 7 in Sacramento. It is your chance to meet with your elected officials to discuss the incredible impact our charter schools are having on student achievement and to affect legislative policy that will influence the future success of the charter movement.

I encourage you to celebrate National Charter Schools Week in May by bringing your charter school stories to Sacramento. Join close to 200 charter advocates as we work together to achieve even greater success for the students we serve. I trust that you will find it a valuable and rewarding experience. Please register by April 18 and join us.


Diane Tavenner
Founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools (SPS)
CCSA, Board Chair, Board of Directors