CharterSAFE Alert: Slippery Floors in Student Restrooms

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April 11, 2014 CharterSAFE is seeing a frequency of injury claims arising from slippery floors in student restrooms. Students often run into the restroom and slip on water that has splashed out of the sinks, or that has been tracked in on a rainy day. Many schools try to resolve the problem with frequent checks of the restroom facilities, but that is not always sufficient.

Our recommendation is to consider the application of a non-slip chemical solution or non-slip tape on concrete or smooth tile floors. This is an inexpensive solution to the problem and it can be done on a holiday break or weekend by your maintenance staff or janitorial service provider. These products are available through janitorial supply outlets or online (search for "non-slip floor treatment" or "3M non-slip tape").

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