State Board of Education (SBE) Considers Testing and Accountability Issues

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March 14, 2014 The SBE took action this week to suspend the API and similar school ranks for the next two years for all grade levels. This action was consistent with the provisions of AB 484 which establishes a process for transition to the new Common Core Standards and Smarter Balance Assessment system. These items were discussed in the context of items 14 and 15 on their March agenda.

Item 15 includes an "Overview of Proposed Academic Performance Index Reporting During the Smarter Balanced Assessment Transition." For charter schools facing renewal during these transition years, the law allows schools to use alternative measures that show increases in pupil academic achievement for all groups of pupils school-wide and among significant student groups.

In light of the suspension of the API, as well as the recent passage of the Local Control Funding Formula, the SBE also took action to begin the process of revoking the Charter Revocation regulations which allowed for the SBE to revoke any low-performing charter schools.

In addition, the SBE discussed the recent approval of California's testing waiver by the federal Department of Education (DOE) for the 2013-14 year. The federal waiver assures that the DOE will not impose any penalties on California's schools as a result of this year's field testing of the new test. A copy of the waiver approval can be found here.