CCSA Answers: Rules and Regulations for Administering the Physical Fitness Test

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March 10, 2014

Question: What are the rules and regulations for charter schools, around the administration of the Physical Fitness Test?

Answer: According to the High School and Physical Fitness Assessment Office of the CDE, an employee of the charter school must be the one to administer the Physical Fitness Test. This is the case, even for Independent Study charter schools. Section 1040 (k) of the Physical Fitness Testing regulations defines the test examiner as an employee of the school district; whereas, section 1040 (i) defines school district, which includes charter schools.

TITLE 5. Education
Division 1. California Department of Education
Chapter 2. Pupils
Subchapter 4. Statewide Testing of Pupils and Evaluation Procedures
Article 2. Physical Performance Testing Programs
§ 1040. Definitions

For the purpose of the physical performance test required by Education Code Section 60800, and also referred to as the Physical Fitness Test (PFT), the following definitions shall apply:
(a) "Accommodations" means any variation in the assessment environment or process that does not fundamentally alter what the test measures or affect the comparability of scores.
(b) "Annual assessment window" begins on February 1 and ends on May 31 of each school year
(c) "Block schedule" is a restructuring of the school day whereby pupils attend half as many classes, for twice as long.
(d) "District Physical Fitness Test Coordinator" is an employee of the school district designated by the superintendent of the district to oversee the administration of the PFT within the district.
(e) "FITNESSGRAM®" November, 2005, is the California Physical Fitness Test designated by the State Board of Education (SBE), a document incorporated by reference.
(f) "Grade" for the purpose of the PFT means the grade assigned to the pupil by the school district at the time of testing.
(g) "Modification" means any variation in the assessment environment or process that fundamentally alters what the test measures or affects the comparability of scores.
(h) "Pupil" is a person in grades 5, 7, or 9, enrolled in a California public school or placed in a non-public school through the individualized education program (IEP) process pursuant to Education Code Section 56365.
(i) "School district" includes elementary, high school, and unified school districts, county offices of education, any charter school that for assessment purposes does not elect to be part of the school district or county office of education that granted the charter, and any charter school chartered by the SBE.
(j) "Test administration manual" is the Updated Third Edition FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM, a document incorporated by reference. A copy is available for review from California Department of Education staff in the Standards and Assessment Division.
(k) "Test examiner" is an employee of the school district who administers the PFT.
(l) "Variation" is a change in the manner in which a test is presented or administered, or in how a test taker is allowed to respond, and includes, but is not limited to accommodations and modifications.

Reference Title 5, Division 1, Chapter 2, Subchapter 4, Article 2, § 1040 here.

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