Interested in Knowing How Your Students Are Doing After Graduation? Learn About CalPASS!

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February 13, 2014 Post-secondary outcomes, arguably, are the most important and accurate measure of a school's success. Until recently, schools have had very limited access to comprehensive information streams regarding college enrollment, graduation, and participation in the workforce of the students they educate.

To address this issue, Cal-PASS Plus has developed a free statewide data system that offers

  • longitudinal data charts
  • detailed analysis of pre-K through 16 transitions and college readiness
  • information and artifacts on success factors
  • comparisons among like colleges, school systems, schools, grade levels and subjects

Many charter schools, including Alliance, Aspire, PUC, High Tech High and many others are already participating in this data system and utilizing data analysis to enhance their programs.

New CCSA resource: Learn more about Cal-PASS Plus

  • Read an overview
  • Download and FAQ sheet
  • View sample reports
  • Find out how to complete the MOU (part of the "Join" process)