CCSA Answers: Definition of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and SB 740 Funding Determination

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February 21, 2014

Question: We are completing our SB 740 Non-classroom Based Funding Determination Form. How does the state define a "Full Time Equivalent" (FTE)? We need this information for our non-classroom based charter school to meet the 25:1 student to teacher ratio.

Answer: A "Full Time Equivalent" is defined by Section IV. Supplemental Information of Instructions for the Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determination Form Fiscal Year 2013-14 (document download) as, "a FTE certificated employee means an employee who is required to work a minimum six-hour day and 175 days per Fiscal Year. PT positions shall generate a partial FTE on a proportional basis." One person cannot generate more than one FTE position. For example, if you have a teacher working four hours a day this will represent 4/6 or 2/3 of an FTE. If combined with a teacher working two hours a day, the two positions would represent one FTE.

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