Now Hiring! Parent Organizer, Northeast and Central Valley

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January 21, 2014 Do you know someone who loves charter schools, and 'clicks' with a wide range of people? If so, he or she might be the perfect candidate for this position!

Parent organizers work with parents at 9-12 charter schools in Sacramento and Chico. They meet with the school leader and parents at each school to understand the unique external issues facing the school. Then, they identify and train a lead volunteer - called a Charter Champion - who form a team of parent volunteers. Charter Champions are supported by the CCSA parent organizer and regional director, and will lead the charge to address issues that directly align with the school's priorities.

For example, together they might advocate at city hall for traffic calming measures near the school, host a candidate forum on school board candidates, or ask the school district to offer the charter school better facilities options via Prop. 39. Working together, parents are more like to have the positive impact for charter schools!

You are each uniquely poised to help find the right people to fill this role because of your direct experience with charter school parents and supporters in our community. Check out the the position and please forward it to anyone you think would be a good fit for this important role!