The 4 Questions Every School in Renewal Should be Ready to Answer

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December 11, 2013 A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is a handy tool for planning your renewal strategy. Here are some key questions that should be top of mind and that you should be prepared to answer:


In one short sentence or phrase, why does your school deserve to be renewed?

Make sure this key message comes across in all your communications - from conversations with board members and the community to your printed materials to communications with parents.


What is your school not doing well? If someone is reading your renewal petition closely, what will they ask you about?

Be prepared to proactively address the issue and articulate your plan for improving in this area.


What exciting things are happening at your school in the next few months? What is something positive that hasn't gotten enough attention? What events are coming up?

The media works around key dates - don't miss an opportunity for positive coverage! Even if your renewal won't go before the board until January, if you have exciting things to highlight around back-to-school, take that opportunity to reach out to local reporters and start building a strong relationship so they know your school


Who doesn't like your school? Why?

Who dislikes your school so much they would actively reach out to boardmembers or media or speak at the public hearing for your renewal? You might not be able to stop them from doing so, but you might want to make sure you address their complaint proactively in conversations with your authorizer. Be prepared!

Make sure you get in touch with your regional director for more help with your renewal advocacy strategy and support!