Documentary Film "We The Parents" Explores Parent Trigger Law

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December 12, 2013 WE THE PARENTS is a feature documentary film that follows a courageous group of parents in Compton, California who lead the first-ever attempt to take over their failing public elementary school using California's new "Parent Trigger" law. While the heart of the film follows the parents' struggle in Compton, the film also explores the origins of the "Parent Trigger" law and spread of this movement across the nation.

WE THE PARENTS attempts to provide an honest and balanced depiction of events through a combination of verité footage and interviews, while using animation to explain complex concepts in an entertaining way. Experts, parents, organizers, journalists, school officials, and politicians provide key insights and lessons learned from the first implementation of the law.

Watch the trailer and read the review in the Village Voice and the article in Ed Week to learn more about the film.