CCSA Answers: Gate Programs and the Local Control Funding Formula

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December 13, 2013

Question: How are GATE students/programs funded under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)? What is meant by the phrase, "Funding will be determined at the local level" within the LCFF language?

Answer: Almost all state categorical program funding was merged into the LCFF, and GATE is no longer funded as a separate program. Those funds were rolled into the LCFF. Charter schools may choose to offer GATE-like programs and services at their own discretion, but there is no requirement to account for GATE funds or expenditures.

"Determined at the local level", means that charter schools and districts have discretion under the Local Control funding Formula as to how they prioritize programs and services in accordance with their own Local Control Accountability Plan. If charter schools choose to operate a GATE program, they do so within their local priorities and within the LCFF funds they generate.

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