Take "The Making Caring Common Project Survey" to Learn How Students Experience School

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November 12, 2013 The Making Caring Common Project (MCCP)is affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Education. MCCP recently launched a school-based data driven improvement effort allowing school leaders to determine whether their students feel safe, respected, and included. This effort will guide leaders in developing supports and interventions that prevent bullying and cruelty and promote caring, responsibility for others, and empathy. This fall a limited number of schools have the opportunity to participate in a free pilot of the recently developed Student Survey tool.

What does the Student Survey assess and how will this information be useful to my school?

  • The goal of the Student Survey is to better understand how students experience their school-- whether they feel safe and respected, are fearful about bullying and cruelty, are connected to school adults and other students, and are impacted by their school's values.
  • You will receive preliminary reports of student responses and will have an opportunity to discuss results and responses with members of the MCCP team and other school leaders.
  • You will receive access to a set of strategies and will be invited to pilot these strategies as you respond to school challenge areas.

What does student participation involve?

  • Students will complete the anonymous Student Survey between November 11 and December 20 (specific dates and times to be chosen by the school).
  • Students in grades 6-12 may participate in the Student Survey.
  • The Student Survey is available online.
  • The Student Survey takes approximately thirty minutes for students to complete.

What does school leader participation involve?

  • Distribution of the Student Survey online link to students.
  • Reviewing a summary report of survey data and use this information to identify areas of strength and concern.
  • Accessing a set of resources (school leaders will be invited to pilot one or more strategies).
  • You may participate in conference calls to discuss results, identify strengths and challenges, learn about research and best practices, and brainstorm effective responses with members of the MCCP team and other school leaders.

What will MCCP provide to me and my school for free?

  • The online Student Survey tool, instructions, and administrative support.
  • An initial report of aggregated survey results.
  • A listing of resources/tools.
  • A series of group conference calls to discuss results and brainstorm solutions.

If interested complete this brief online application form.