Last chance: Apply for 21st Century afterschool grants by Dec. 12

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November 21, 2013 Youth Policy Institute, a Los Angeles non-profit that currently runs after-school programs at several charters, can work with your school and apply as the lead agency for the grant.

21st Century afterschool grant proposals are due to the California Department of Education CDE on December 12, 2013.

The Youth Policy Institute currently operates 53 grade K-12 afterschool programs at schools throughout Los Angeles. In the last round of 21st Century afterschool funding by CDE in 2013, YPI was awarded funding for afterschool programs at 24 charter schools in Los Angeles.

For interested charter schools, YPI would apply as the lead agency in the new grant competition and operate the program in close consultation with charter school partners. YPI's complete afterschool programming for each school level (elementary, middle, and high school) can be provided upon request, and is adapted to the needs and concerns of parents, teachers, administrators, and students at each school site.

Afterschool program funding is provided at a base rate of $112,500 per year for elementary schools, $150,000 per year for middle schools, and $250,000 per year for high schools. These are five-year grant awards. Programs typically operate for three hours per school day in the afterschool hours and provide academic assistance, enrichment, and physical education/nutrition/recreation.

For more information, contact Fidel Ramirez.