How does CCSA's Accountability Framework Affect School Replications?

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October 1, 2013 As part of our ongoing work to ensure transparency in accountability, CCSA established our Minimum Criteria for Renewal in 2011, which informs whether we will support a school's renewal. But what about replications? Read how the updates adopted in June 2013 will affect how CCSA supports schools that are replicating.

CCSA's Member Council made several recommendations to the CCSA Board of Directors in June 2013, all of which were adopted in CCSA's Accountability Framework.

This included a recommendation on how to use the minimum criteria in replications:

"The Member Council recommended using Minimum Accountability Criteria to inform CCSA's advocacy stance on charter school replications. CCSA will advocate on behalf of replicating schools whose performance is above CCSA's Minimum Accountability Criteria and against those whose performance is below. For a very small number of replicating schools whose performance is close to the minimum bar (this is estimated to be no more than 3-5 schools per year), the Member Council recommended that CCSA determine advocacy support for these schools on a case-by-case basis, using academic performance criteria (such as that required by our "second look" process for Public Call for Non-Renewal). Final determination on CCSA's advocacy position for these schools would be guided by a small subcommittee of Member Council representatives. The Member Council reiterated the importance of CCSA staff providing ample feedback and early warning to schools that may be below CCSA's Minimum Academic Accountability Criteria to minimize the frequency of having to advocate against underperforming replicating schools."

2013-14 Accountability Timeline

CCSA will send regular updates to our members related to accountability and guidance to schools in successfully transitioning to Common Core during the fall.

  • September: Regional Meetings - CCSA staff will walk through our Accountability Framework, 2013-14 timeline and field questions.
  • Oct. 15: CCSA will publish individual school Academic Accountability Report Cards at *Note that report cards will not publish online for any schools below CCSA's Criteria for Non-Renewal. This group of schools will receive an email from CCSA with a PDF of their report card andhave the opportunity to provide additional data.
  • Oct. 15 - Nov. 27: All schools, but notably schools below the minimum criteria will have the opportunity make data corrections and submit additional data like Academic Growth over Time (AGT Reports) during this period and receive a "second look" at their academic performance data.
  • Dec. 19: CCSA will publicly call for the non-renewal of schools that are below our Minimum Criteria for Renewal and that are up for renewal before June 30, 2014