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October 11, 2013 At CharterSAFE we receive many questions about workers' compensation claims. Below are a couple of quick, but very important tips about reporting such claims.

  • Workers' Compensation claims must be reported to CharterSAFE by the injured worker's supervisor or Human Resources Department, not by the injured employee.
  • Unless the employee formally pre-designated a personal physician for Workers' Compensation at the time of hire, the employer controls the location of treatment for the first 30 days. You should refer the employee to the industrial/occupational clinic that you have pre-selected (or in an emergency, to a hospital emergency room). Many CharterSAFE JPA members utilize Kaiser-on-the-Job clinics when there is a location within a reasonable distance of the workplace. For assistance in finding a clinic near you, contact Sue Bedard or Carly Weston

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