Education Bills Update: Governor Brown Acts on AB 308, AB 484 and AB 588

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October 4, 2013 Governor Brown has acted on three bills that CCSA is tracking. Any bills that made it through the end of session are currently marked as enrolled and are awaiting signature on Governor Brown's desk. The Governor has until October 13 to sign or veto bills.

capitol_sunset.jpg (Feature: Small Thumbnail)AB 308 (Hagman): School Facilities: The Governor has signed AB 308. CCSA supported this bill requiring the State Allocation Board to develop a program in which if districts sell or lease properties purchased with money from state facility improvement funding, to return the money if certain conditions are not met, including selling the property to a charter school.

AB 484 (Bonilla): Pupil Testing: As anticipated, the Governor has signed this measure which changes the state accountability system to accommodate the transition to Common Core standards and the aligned Smarter Balanced Assessment, and suspends the STAR test in 2013-14. CCSA was concerned that the possible testing suspension proposed in this bill would have a significant impact on statutory charter renewal criteria, which was closely tied to API. CCSA moved to a neutral position after our concern was addressed with the addition of language that allows an authorizer to consider other demonstrations of academic achievement among students school wide and in significant subgroups.

CCSA will offer more guidance and analysis on these transitional issues as they become available and will provide additional resources to support you in ensuring academic accountability through the transition. If you have questions about what to do in the meantime, please contact the Achievement and Performance Management Team or your Member Council representative. For more guidance on Common Core and AB 484, visit CCSA's Accountability web page.

AB 588 (Fox): School Athletics: Concussions: The Governor has signed AB 588 which requires all schools (public, private and public charter schools) to provide head injury information to the parents of any athlete prior to participation in extracurricular athletics. In addition, any athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury shall be immediately removed from the activity until the athlete receives written clearance form a licensed health care provider.

Visit our At the Capitol page to monitor the status of legislation affecting charter schools.

With session over, legislators are in their home districts through the end of the year. Be sure to invite your legislators to visit your schools! Need help? Email us.