Correct your School's FRL Data by Oct. 31!

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October 22, 2013 Several charter schools have found that the California Department of Education (CDE) has their Free and Reduced Price Lunch (FRL) data wrong. This will affect your school's funding under the new Local Control Funding Formula. Double check and correct your data by Oct. 31!

The CDE has pulled this data from student STAR reports in past years. In 2013, it was pulled from CALPADS. CALPADS will be CDE's only source of data collection moving forward for API, AYP, LCFF or ANY purpose.

On November 1, CDE will pull data, yet again, to update their 2013 API base scores. They will pull this data from the "On-line Data Store" (ODS). This is the live version of CalPads that schools can update at anytime.