CCSA Answers: The Difference Between a "Special" Board Meeting and an "Emergency" Meeting"

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October 4, 2013

Question: What is the difference between a "special" board meeting and an "emergency" meeting, and when is each used?

Answer: Special meetings and emergency meetings are often confused. A special meeting may be called with 24 hours' notice and is simply a meeting held at a time different than the regularly scheduled board meeting (for example, the third Tuesday of every month.) Charter schools calling a special meeting must post an agenda including a brief general description of all matters to be considered or discussed. Only the items listed on the special meeting agenda may be considered by the board. Emergency meetings are extremely rare and require one hour notice. An emergency is defined as work stoppage affecting public health or safety or a crippling disaster (flood, fire, earthquake, etc.).

A sample board policy for regular and special school board meetings, plus more reference materials, resources and templates are available in our online Charter School Resource Library. Still can't find what you need? Contact the CCSA Help Desk with your question.