Enroll today in CCSA's New Special Education Service-Sharing Map

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September 13, 2013 To support schools in building their special education infrastructure and to facilitate service sharing, CCSA created the Interactive Special Education Service-Sharing Map. The map is fully functional and available through the CCSA Snapshots. Currently, the map is limited to the LAUSD Charter Operated Program Schools; however, we are expanding the program to include all charter schools who are seeking greater access to special education service providers.

Explore the map

On the home screen, the school administrator or special education coordinator will be able to select their school and choose one of the three report options above. This interactive map will allow charter schools to benefit from the economies of scale enjoyed by larger districts while improving access to, and overall quality of, a wide range of special education services.

Enroll your school in the program today! Send the name and email address of your special education contact to speddata@ccsa.org. Your special education contact will receive a link to an online form where they can input information regarding special education program and service capacity as well as needs, which will then be added to the system!

You can also access the current list of Qualified Special Education Service Providers on our website.