Different Decision Makers Make Different Decisions

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September 9, 2013 In many ways, charter school families don't differ much from those who choose traditional public or private schools. All parents want their children to get the best education possible. So, why do we need to ensure that parents with children in California charter schools come to the polls on election day? Can these parents really make a difference? Across the state, we have seen that parents are using their power at the ballot box to challenge the status quo. Charter school parents are often keenly aware of the need to improve educational opportunities for children. They have also taken steps to find new options for their children. Once a parent finds the perfect charter school, they often find out that some elected leaders aren't supportive of their choices and aren't willing to increase opportunities for more children to attend high quality charter schools.

How do we ensure that candidates running for office hear our messages loud and clear - and take them seriously? We must use the power of our votes. We must ensure that every charter school parent who is eligible to vote is registered and casts a ballot on election day.

As a charter school leader, you may be wondering how you can engage in nonpartisan voter registration and follow the appropriate rules set forth for schools and nonprofits. It's not too early to start planning. Nonprofit Vote is an organization that provides webinars and online resources to help you stay nonpartisan while educating voters, engaging in voter registration drives and getting out the vote on election day. Learn more about Nonprofit Vote's webinars and review past presentations. With support from CCSA, we are here to help you amplify the voices of charter school families on election day.