Important Update: Mandate Block Grant Deadline

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August 28, 2013 Applications due THIS FRIDAY for Mandate Block Grant funds: all charter schools must re-apply annually!

The deadline to apply for the Mandate Block Grab (MBG) is this Friday, August 30. The California Department of Education (CDE) recently notified us that nearly 300 eligible charter schools have not yet applied for these funds. Receipt of these funds requires an ANNUAL election, so even if your school received the funds last year, you must re-apply.

To determine whether your school has submitted, check the CDE list 2013-14 LEA Participation Status.

If your school is listed as "Not Submitted" you should immediately apply HERE.

The K-12 MBG was first enacted in 2012-13 and provides $14 per ADA to charter schools that choose to participate. This year, the grant for school high school ADA increased from $14 to $42 per pupil. Because charter schools are currently not deemed eligible applicants in the traditional mandate process, this block grant may be the only way for a charter school to receive mandate relief.