50K Students on Waitlists for CA Charter Schools

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August 21, 2013 Charter schools keep growing each year, but demand from parents continues to exceed the number of seats available. See a breakdown by region.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) released the results of a new survey charter public school waitlists nationwide in June. CCSA worked with NAPCS on this report, providing state-level data breaking down waitlists by region.

This past school year, CCSA estimates that there were 49,705 students across the state of California on waitlists for charter schools (This number accounts for potential duplication across schools). In other words, nearly one tenth of unmet nationwide demand is here in California.

What does the demand look like for your school? Do you have a long waitlist? Reporters are always interested in hearing from schools that have long waitlists. Email CCSA's Communications Team.

The demand for seats at charter schools far exceeds the seats available in several regions, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and several Bay Area counties. We also found high demand relative to supply for charter schools in Sonoma county.

Major School Districts

  • Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD): 15,218
  • Oakland Unified: 2,261
  • San Diego Unified (SDUSD): 1,008


  • Los Angeles: 18,466
  • San Diego: 6,154
  • Alameda: 3,098
  • Santa Clara: 2,538
  • Sonoma: 1,967
  • Contra Costa: 1,243

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