Reminder: Energy Efficiency Grant Update - Deadline August 1

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July 30, 2013 Proposition 39, a voter approved initiative in the November 2012 statewide general election, provides funds from 2013-14 through 2017-18 to improve energy efficiency and create clean energy jobs In accordance with Senate Bill 73. Guidelines are under development, including how schools will submit energy project expenditure plans to the California Energy Commission (CEC) for approval, and how the California Department of Education (CDE) will disburse the funds.

LEAs, including direct-funded charter schools with 1,000 or less ADA reported as of the second principal apportionment for the prior year, are eligible to receive in the current year both the current and subsequent year Proposition 39 funding entitlements. The due date to make this election is Thursday, August 1, 2013.

More information from CDE on this program and about making this election is now available on the CDE's website. In addition to CDE's webpage, charter schools should also refer to the CEC's Proposition 39 webpage for more details, and to sign up for regular updates.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to receive Proposition 39 funds?

California public school districts (K-12), county offices of education, charter schools, and state special schools are eligible to apply for funding. Community college districts will also receive Prop 39 funds.

When will LEAs learn how much their Proposition 39 grant will be for this year?

The California Department of Education expects to complete 2013-14 fiscal year calculations for all LEAs by September 2013. Small LEAs with 1,000 or less average daily attendance (based on fiscal year 2012-13) have until August 1, 2013 to request two years of funding during the first year.

How will LEAs be notified of their grant amount?

The CDE and the Energy Commission will post the funding list by LEA online once the calculations are complete. Please note that the CDE has not completed the Prop 39 entitlement calculation for the 2013-14 fiscal year, and the CDE cautions districts' reliance on calculations and/or estimates by other entities.

When will the Proposition 39 draft guidelines be available?

The Energy Commission is working with its partner agencies to develop draft guidelines for public review by this fall. The guidelines will be the focus of discussion at several public workshops across the state. The public will have opportunities to ask questions and offer comments at the workshops.

What does it mean when a company offers a "Proposition 39-certified energy product or service?"

The Energy Commission has not authorized or endorsed any products or services as "Proposition 39-certified." The Energy Commission does not recognize "Proposition 39-certified" as an official certification or designation.

Learn more about Prop 39 and subscribe to the Energy Commission's listserv: California Energy Commission

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