Update: People v. Selivanov and Berkovich

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June 13, 2013 CCSA recently issued an FAQ to provide more details about the trial and convictions of Eugene Selivanov and Tatyana Berkovich. Many of the questions were generated during the April 19, 2013 webinar co-hosted by Procopio Corey Hargreaves & Savitch, Nina Marino (Ms. Berkovich's counsel) and CCSA.

Additionally, Eugene Selivanov and Tatyana Berkovich are seeking assistance from the charter community. If you are interested in writing a letter of support to provide information about their character that will help the judge make a fair sentencing decision, please contact legal@ccsa.org. We will send you the details about the content to include in the letter and where to send it. The letters should be received by July 1 to be included in the defendants' motions. The sentencing decision could happen on August 30 if the court denies the motion for a new trial which will be heard on that day. CCSA will be supporting their motions for new trial by filing an amicus curiae brief.

By way of background, on April, 5 2013, a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury convicted Eugene Selivanov of 24 felony accounts and Tatyana Berkovich of three felonies and five misdemeanors related to the use of charter school funds when they served as founders and former executive staff and board members of the Ivy Academia Charter School authorized by Los Angeles Unified School District. Prosecutors state Selivanov faces a maximum sentence of about 19 years and Berkovich about seven and a half years. Read the case overview.