Opportunity to Acquire QZAB (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds) Funding

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June 24, 2013 Have you found that now the school facility that once was the pride of the community, perhaps even the one that you helped plan, is looking outdated? If your School could afford to renovate or rebuild, you have some unprecedented advantage amongst your peers.

The National Education Foundation (NEF) supported QZAB (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds) funds available, $48 million, for California schools is THE ANSWER. NEF has worked actively with the US Congress and the US Dept. of Education since 2000 to get the QZAB extended, most recently for 2012 and 2013. To ensure compliance with the Federal QZAB law mandates, we have been asked by the USDOE to provide QZAB-eligible school districts with the required 10% match donation and the required QZAB academy. With these funds you can perform facilities renovation to become more energy efficient, renewable energy efforts and other necessary renovations and repairs. This funding opportunity is being made available to the schools in your district with 35% of more students receiving free or reduced meals.

For additional information please see www.qzab.org or call Dr. Appu Kuttan at 703-823-9999.