So Many Parents, So Many Opportunities for Leadership

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May 30, 2013 NOW is a great time to schedule leadership training for parents at your school through Families That Can. If you are submitting your renewal petition this year, make time to nurture parents as key advocates. They can tell school board members first-hand how your charter school has made a difference in their children's education.

Families That Can has developed a parent-friendly training on charter renewal that explains the steps in the renewal process and provides concrete tips and tools for successful advocacy. Whether they are speaking at your public hearing, writing letters to the editor, reaching out to board members or mobilizing others, every parent can do something to support your school's renewal.

Not renewing? There are still lots of ways to engage parents as leaders. Schedule a Families That Can workshop that meets the needs of your parents. Topics include Charters 101, Facilities, How to Tell Your Story, Advocacy 101, Hosting an Elected Official at Your Campus and more. These workshops are a great way to identify new parent leaders and challenge your current leaders to take their skills to the next leader.

Families That Can provides lots of opportunities throughout the year for parents to use their advocacy skills to support charter schools. Just one example was Advocacy Day on May 8th where parents, students, teachers and charter leaders visited with half the members of the State Legislature to ask them to support charter-friendly policies. If you haven't seen it already, check out this great video of the event.

During the CCSA Conference in March, Families That Can hosted a special Parent Summit for 300 charter school parents from 50 schools across California. Save the date: The next Parent Summit will be March 5, 2014 in San Jose and we want to give all interested parents the chance to attend. Parent Summit is a great way to energize parent leaders and train them to be strong partners and effective advocates.

Don't miss out on all of the great benefits of Families That Can! Summer is a great time to sign up to be a Families That Can School. By getting a jump start on the new school year, you and the parents at your school will be ready to advocate for any issue in the coming year. Your regional Families That Can representative is there to help! Find your representative and get the support you need today.