June 7-9: Rethink Schooling and Design the School of the Future at Startup Weekend

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May 30, 2013 Do you have ideas about how school should be changed that you want to see put into action? Do you like challenging long-standing assumptions about "how things are"? If so, don't miss "Startup Weekend: Schools" June 7-9 at the HUB SF. Presented by Silicon Schools Fund, 4.0 Schools and Startup Weekend EDU, "Startup Weekend: Schools" will be an exciting, fast-paced 54 hours of rethinking schooling and designing schools of the future. We're recruiting a creative group of educators, designers, funders, and other like-minded individuals to pitch and develop innovative school models.

Unlike other startup weekends, the result of this weekend won't be a tech product, but rather a new school model that radically transforms the traditional approach to learning. The event hinges on participants creating a "core innovation" that improves on a central element of schools (e.g. Why should the school day be delineated by a number of fixed periods? Why should there always be one teacher in front of 30 students?). Teams will come together around a core innovation, and over the course of the weekend develop a new school model to improve education. The weekend culminates with final presentations and pitches in front of a panel of esteemed judges, including Jed Wallace, CEO of the California Charter Schools Association.

This is an exciting opportunity to pitch a new idea or to join a team. This event provides incredible training and networking, and it can be a great way to test out new ideas and develop new concepts.

There are only 120 spots total for the weekend, and the event will definitely sell out. The price is $99 and participants can register as a "General Education Professional," "Educator," "Designer," and "Generalist."