CCSA Answers: Reporting a Student's Un-enrollment from a Charter School

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May 30, 2013

Question: We had an eighth grader who went into our independent study program, but never met the requirements of meeting with the teacher or producing the work. We are un-enrolling her. Are we required to report her un-enrollment to our chartering agency?

Answer: Charter schools are required to notify their district and/or county office of education if a student no longer attends the charter, for the purposes of tracking truancy and dropout rates. Education Code 47605 (d) (3) states:

"If a pupil is expelled or leaves the charter school without graduating or completing the school year for any reason, the charter school shall notify the superintendent of the school district of the pupil's last known address within 30 days, and shall, upon request, provide that school district with a copy of the cumulative record of the pupil, including a transcript of grades or report card, and health information."

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