The Capitol: What's at Stake for Charter Schools?

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April 11, 2013 Charter school funding is at risk: every year we have to fight for fair funding for charter schools, and this year is no different. We call on you again this year to help defend against last minute attempts to cut charter school funding - legislators need to hear from their constituents why this funding is important.

The Governor's proposed budget includes lots of charter school items but ALL of them must be approved by the legislature.

Specifically, tell your legislators that you support proposals to:

  • Provide $48.5 million for new student growth
  • Provide $92 million for the SB 740 Charter School Facility Grant Program
  • Expand eligibility for the SB 740 program to include "non-classroom based" charter schools
  • Modify and streamline the funding determination process for non-classroom based charter schools by requiring it only in the first and third year in most cases
  • Extend access to surplus district property for an additional five years (currently this access is only available for the 2012-13 fiscal year)

CCSA is sponsoring a bill to provide facilities funding to more charter schools

  • Facilities continue to be one of the biggest challenges for charter public schools. AB 948 will increase the number of charter schools eligible for important and needed grant money (the SB 740 program) by lowering the percentage of free and reduced price meal students required to be eligible for the program, as funds are available.
  • Despite the description "nonclassroom-based" many of these charter schools do in fact have facilities for student use. AB 948 would allow those charter schools to access this currently unavailable funding.

Bills which would re-regulate and undermine charter school autonomy are being considered by the legislature. Tell your legislators that you oppose

  • AB 1032, because it would undermine the intent of voter-approved Proposition 39 and dismantle years of case law governing how districts must make Proposition 39 facility offers to charter schools. Charter school students are public school students and this bill seeks to weaken their access to public school facilities.