CDE Releases Data File for New Local Control Funding Formula

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April 1, 2013 CDE has released a data run that could be the basis for modeling the proposed Local Control Funding Formula; All charter schools should review the reported data for accuracy.

The California Department of Education has posted a data file that attempts to simulate each district and charter schools counts for Free and Reduced Priced Eligible and English Learner Pupils that could be used as the basis to model the proposed Local Controls Funding Formula (LCFF). If enacted, the LCFF will completely revise the state school funding model beginning with the 2013-14 school year. Because these pupil counts could be the basis for significant school funding, it is critical that schools review the data that CDE has reported and ensure that it reflect the actual demographics at the school. The data files may be reviewed at:, but please be sure to consider the caveats that CDE notes about the data in the introductory section of their web page.

Any questions or concerns about the data for your school should be directed to the CDE CALPADS office at: or 916-324-6738. For more information on the LCFF, review our Budget Brief.