CCSA Answers: STRS and Payment Schedule Options

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April 26, 2013

Question: If we are paying STRS for our teachers, would it be possible to pay some teachers over a 12-month period and other teachers over a 10-month period? Or, because of STRS, do we have to have all teachers on the same pay schedule?

Answer: STRS doesn't limit the payment schedule options for your teachers. Using the SACs (Standardized Account Code Structure) payroll function, you can choose a 10-month, 11-month, or 12-month salary payment schedule. Your STRS/PERS reporting must be done through the county, and some County Offices of Education are limiting reporting options for their charter schools. This is not, however, a limitation under STRS.

According to Teachers' Retirement Law Section 23005, "Monthly reports are due in the office of the system 30 days immediately following the month in which the compensation is being reported under this part was earned..." If service was performed for 10 months, the member should be reported on a 10 month basis. The salary schedule can vary as long as the reporting is within the 30 day legal guideline and the county office allows variation. It is not a limitation of STRS but could be a limitation of the reporting entity.

Teachers' Retirement Law Section 23005

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