CCSA Answers: Credential Needed to Teach Math and Science at a Site-Based Charter School

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April 21, 2013

Question: Which credential is needed to teach 6th grade math and science at our site-based charter school?

Answer: A Single-Subject credentialed teacher can teach any grade, but only the subject on the credential. For instance, a teacher holding a Single-Subject credential in math is only authorized to teach math.

A Multiple-Subject credential authorizes a teacher to teach any subject, K-8, as long as the teacher teaches "two or more" subjects to the same students. For example, a 6th grade teacher holding a Multiple-Subject credential could teach math and science to the same students. The instruction could take place to two or three sections of students. A sample schedule might look like this: Group A Math, Group B Math, Group A Science, Group B Science or: Group A Math and Science, Group B Math and Science.

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