Additional Spots Available: Attend Parent Summit on March 13 for FREE!

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February 8, 2013 In March, charter leaders, education experts and a variety of passionate people from across the state will join together for CCSA's 20th Anniversary Conference and Celebration at the San Diego Convention Center. As our region plays host to the statewide conference with speakers such as Michelle Rhee, we also have the opportunity to sponsor the statewide Parent Summit on Wednesday March 13, 2013.

This is an opportunity for parents to represent your school and interact with charter parents from across California while hearing from some amazing speakers. Sessions include: "Parent Empowerment: Why We Can't Back Down" with Julie Collier, Parents Advocate League as well as "Don't Settle for Second Best: How You Can Help Your Child Get a Great Education" with Dr. Gail Thompson, as well as many additional breakout sessions. Refreshments and transportation/parking can be included with parent sponsorship.

Please reach out to Valieria Koss (858)663-7507 by February 19 to submit your passionate charter parents or to have a Families That Can representative visit your parent groups. Registration and sponsorship are extremely limited so please act fast. The 2013 CCSA Parent Summit promises to be a can't miss event for all current and future charter advocates!