Sycamore Valley Academy Making a Difference in the Facility Resources Struggle in the Central Valley

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January 31, 2013 As you hopefully know by now, funding equity and facilities equity for public schools is a high priority for the Association. For that reason, schools participating in Prop 39 facilities applications and SB 740 facilities private lease reimbursements should be applauded in their efforts to formally communicate the need for facility resources for charter schools.

Sycamore Valley Academy in Visalia has had a good working relationship with their authorizer from the very beginning and I commend their district authorizer for their open and forthright communications with the school. They currently share a site with a traditional public school and are only midway through their first year with their doors open and are already getting prepared for expansion. They are currently participating with this year's proposition 39 facilities application process and I look forward to seeing them continue on in their efforts. Learn more from the VisaliaTimes-Delta.

John Madrid
Regional Director, Central Valley