New area eligible for High Quality Charter Grant Program

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January 30, 2013 We are excited to announce the new service area for the High Quality Charter Grant Program. Historically, the HQC Program has provided start-up funds to some of the most dynamic charter schools serving east and central Los Angeles. The previous target area for the grant was Local Districts 4-7 in LAUSD. When LAUSD recently reorganized its local districts, we saw the opportunity to define a region that is permanent, and incorporates a new section of LA that is in tremendous need of great schools.

The new target area certainly does that--and appropriately for Los Angeles--it is now defined by freeways.

The new HQC Service Area stretches north from the 105 freeway and east of Vermont Ave. It then extends northeast where Vermont crosses under the 101. The northern-most boundary is the 210 as it stretches through the San Fernando Valley. This means that great new schools in the San Fernando Valley are now eligible for HQC funding. We are excited about the potential for new applicants, and for the kids that will benefit from their programs.

Awards fall into two categories:

  • Pre-Authorization Grant for up to $30,000 offered to schools as much as 15 months before the school's authorizer submission deadlines. A completed business plan, charter petition executive summary and financials are required with application.
  • Post-Authorization Grant for up to $220,000 offered only once the charter is formally authorized.

To participate in the High Quality Charter Grant Program, schools must:

  • Demonstrate potential for delivering excellent academic results for K-12 students, as measured by standardized achievement tests
  • Serve significant low-income student populations
  • Have a 501(c)3 designation, pass a credit check, or be already authorized as a public charter
  • Be referred by the California Charter Schools Association
  • Draw a majority of students from the L.A. Charter Region (see map above)

Thank you, please contact Sam Gelinas at CCSA with any additional questions.