Feb. 4 Webinars for School Developers: Why, What, How: Crafting Vision, Mission and Value

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January 31, 2013 There are a number of online charter school development information sessions coming up in the next few months on topics ranging from incorporation to designing a realistic school budget. Each session provides expert instruction and a forum for questions and answers. All sessions are free to Association Members.

Why, What, How: Crafting Vision, Mission and Value
Thursday, February 4
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Led by Matt Bragman

At the core of every high-quality public charter school are a series of statements that define the school's identity and work. Often overlooked as merely symbolic, strong and clear Vision, Mission and Values statements have a powerful effect on families, staff, funders and the larger community, propelling the school toward continual improvement and innovation.