Families That Can Provides Support for Renewal at Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy

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January 25, 2013 Families That Can was pleased to hold two parent meetings on January 15 to help parents understand the renewal process and put together a plan to advocate for a five-year renewal for YES Charter Academy.

Parents learned about the time frames required for public hearings and a final vote, legal reasons a renewal can be denied, and the alternatives available to schools who are denied. Once the basics were covered, the parents learned important tips about how to share their story and some important do's and don'ts to consider when reaching out to school board members. Afterwards, the parents volunteered for a variety of advocacy duties, including calling and writing board members, and attending key school board meetings. Rachel Minnick, Director of Family and Community Engagement for the Northeast and Central Valley, followed up after the meeting with information and resources to help
parents advocate effectively, including important dates to remember, tips and templates for letters to board members and letters to the editor, and guidelines for speaking at board meetings.

Parents at YES Charter Academy demonstrate how families can be key advocates and ambassadors for their schools, reaching out to elected officials to get support for the issues that matter most. Families That Can provides parent training and support to schools facing a variety of advocacy needs.

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Families That Can is available to all member schools to help develop parent leaders who can work for positive change. Visit www.familiesthatcan.org to learn more or simply sign the Families That Can Pledge and a member of the Families That Can team will get in touch with you. Strong parent leaders can truly transform a school.