Facilities Continues to be the Number One Challenge Cited by Charter Operators in Santa Clara County

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January 4, 2013 Did you know that there are a handful of charter networks in Santa Clara County that are leasing private buildings AND using district facilities for multiple schools? This means that a single charter operator has to deal with the challenge of private leases, SB740 AND district politics. Did you know that some charter schools in San José have been charged different rates for facilities in the same district? Whatever your situation may be, access to affordable, adequate facilities continues to be a HUGE challenge in our area both for existing schools and as charter leaders think about growing more schools. And the fact is that we don't have the detailed information we need to accurately and comprehensively show the depth of the charter facilities problem.

So charter leaders, we need hard facts about your facilities, issues, obstacles and or successes and ask that you all complete the questionnaire that can be found at Charter School Facilities Initiative by JANUARY 31, 2013. Your participation in the survey is vital!

You'll be asked information including:

  1. Current enrollment information, including FTE count and total student count
  2. Waitlist data
  3. Estimated utilities costs for 2012-13
  4. Current facility loan and/or rent payments
  5. Information about facility-related capital projects over the last five years
  6. Information about participation in local or state capital fund programs
  7. Information about applications for any state facilities grant programs, whether or not the school received an award

Again, the final deadline to complete the survey is January 31, 2013. To access the facilities survey for the first time, click here.

If you need any assistance or have questions please contact the Project Manager, Dion Jackson at djackson@ccsa.org.