CCSA Answers: Must Physical Education Teachers at Charter Schools Be Credentialed?

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December 14, 2012

Question: Do Physical Education teachers have to hold a valid PE credential or is there a waiver in place for charter schools with regard to PE teachers?

Answer: Under the Charter Schools Act, charter school teachers teaching core or college preparatory courses must be credentialed. Physical Education is not considered a core subject, nor is it required for college entrance. Education Code 47605 (l) states, "Teachers in charter schools shall hold a Commission on Teacher Credentialing certificate, permit, or other document equivalent to that which a teacher in other public schools would be required to hold. These documents shall be maintained on file at the charter school and are subject to periodic inspection by the chartering authority. It is the intent of the Legislature that charter schools be given flexibility with regard to noncore, noncollege preparatory courses."

Many charter schools identify in their petition which of their classes are "core" and which they consider non-core and detail the employment requirements accordingly. Under the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) the Federal government classifies subjects they consider "core". These are not directly aligned with the California Department of Education's listing of "core" subjects, but neither the State of California nor the Department of Education classify PE as a core subject, requiring credentials.

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