CCSA Answers: Percentage used to set a charter school's API Growth target

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December 7, 2012

How does the State set a charter school's new Academic Performance Index (API) Growth target for the new school year?

Answer: The Growth target is determined by calculating 5 percent of the difference between the school's Base API and 800. For example, if a school has an API of 600, take the difference between 800 and 600, which is 200. Then take 5 percent of 200, which is 10. Schools with APIs at or above 800 must maintain a minimum API of 800. A school meets its overall API Growth target if it meets its school wide target and all numerically significant subgroup targets. Growth targets for subgroups are generally 80 percent of the school wide target. Improvement is measured by subtracting the 2012 Base API from the 2013 Growth API. Positive numbers mean that standardized test scores improved, while negative numbers indicate that test scores declined.

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