Knowing Your Special Education Options is Always Beneficial

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December 7, 2012 As many of you are aware, providing special education services at public schools is a very complex subject. As public schools we have a responsibility to serve all students regardless of the special needs required by some families. As charter schools you are either a school of the district/authorizer in regards to special education services or you have sought out to be an LEA for special education services where you provide a bulk of the services to students with special needs. I know there is a lot more involved than this but for the sake of conserving time I am generalizing a bit. If you are a school of the district/authorizer and you have a good working relationship with your authorizer and they are providing quality special education services to your students then that is fantastic. If you believe that working relationship with your authorizer is unusually good and students are receiving great services, then we'd love to hear about it. Please reach out to me and share those stories with me. I have also heard other scenarios involving complaints around special education. Those complaints range from paying too much for encroachment fees to your authorizer and not receiving adequate services or the desire from some charter to want to have more say in who is providing special education services and others who would like the opportunity to hire their own special education teachers.

There are some amazing things happening throughout the state regarding providing these services and you can find descriptions of these activities on the Association's web site. Becoming an LEA in regards to special education encompasses so much. There are schools that have come together to share information about providing services, schools that have come together share teachers and other resources and schools that have come together to share in the financial responsibility of providing these special needs.

Knowing all your special education options will inevitably benefit you. On Wednesday of this week at 9:00 am we have scheduled a conference call / webinar with 3 schools who are interested in getting as much information on special education options to prepare themselves for discussions with their authorizers. The goal of these schools isn't necessarily to become LEAs in regards to special education but it is to ensure they are fully equipped to have those discussions with their authorizers. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this call or would like to set one up in the future.