SDCOE Digital Content Portal Can Be a Great Resource for Charter Schools

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November 9, 2012 Today's students are used to multi-media in their lives outside of school and don't need to "power down" when they come to school! In the Digital Content Portal (DCP) students have access to high interest material and resources, carefully screened by educators to ensure both appropriateness and scholarly relevance.

The DCP resources, aligned to state standards, are easily integrated into lessons and units of instructions. Teachers and students have access to thousands of research articles, primary and secondary source documents, on-demand video, audio, podcasts and print resources all with the click of the mouse.

Other teacher-friendly features include citation builders, downloadable video clips, book guides, experiments, quizzes, reproducible materials, professional development ASCD books, and more. Full support for teachers using the DCP in their classrooms is provided by the San Diego County Office of Education. We will be happy to work with schools to customize your professional development.

To take a tour of the DCP visit and request a free trial.