External Opportunity: Online Learning Platform Free for Charter Schools

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November 16, 2012 EverFi provides FREE, online learning platforms to CA Charter Schools. These include a digital literacy program which covers the topics of cyber bullying, online safety, website credibility, texting and driving, and more. There are 7 learning modules (about 3 -5 hours of instruction total) that are easy to implement during the school day and fun for both students and teachers.

Please contact Sara Serota, EverFi Schools Manager at 310-801-1438, sserota@everfi.com. Check out their website www.everfi.com

Here's what charter leaders say about EverFi:

"Now that I have been able to experience EverFi's online Ignition course with my students, I am floored that this curriculum is being offered to schools for free! It's not often that you find digital literacy curriculum this refined, easy to use, and extremely engaging. My students are raving about how fun and relevant the lessons are, and have taken it upon themselves to begin educating our campus about cyberbullying after completing the Ignition coursework. From a teacher's it's the perfect balance between ease of use, student engagement, and critical 21st century digital literacy skills. From cyberbullying, to the credibility of internet resources, to the creation of multimedia projects, there is something here for everyone." - Ryan Griswold, Teacher, Camino Nuevo Harvard Charter, Los Angeles, CA

"We are very excited to begin using the EverFi program! Our students are living in a world full of technology and they need to be educated about the proper uses of it. EverFi will help support parents, students administrators and teachers in the process of educating young minds about the proper uses of the technological resources they have at their fingertips!" - Evelyn Licea, Assistant Principal, Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School (MASS), Los Angeles, CA

"I have been using the Ignition program with our 8th graders at Literacy First Charter School as the introduction course to our Technology Class this school year. Ignition is an online-based program where students promote a band concert for their virtual school, while all the while learning internet safety and practical information in technology. My 8th graders LOVE it! They are engaged, learning, and I have developed a worksheet that is a perfect tool to help them dig further into the learning process on a more serious level. Whether they are learning how to choose a cell phone plan, setting up a blog, protecting their profile, preventing cyber bullying, or even guarding against viral bullying; the students are surprised when they are told to begin to log off because class is almost over! They are completely absorbed within the website activities. I would highly recommend Ignition to all schools for their students to learn more about technology as well as cyber safety." - Sherri LaPlante, Teacher, Literacy First Charter Schools, El Cajon, CA