Quality Training of School Leaders for Charters is Essential

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October 5, 2012 I appreciate so much when a school leader brings a staff member with them to one of our regional meetings or a board member sits in these meetings because it adds a different perspective to the conversations that happen at the meeting.

I encourage you to invite staff members, a lead teacher or board member to the next regional meeting. Expose them to the great conversations happening at these get-togethers. At a recent regional meeting, a board member who happens to be looking for principal for their school asked a question on the meeting evaluation sheet stating the need for leadership training for charter heads of school. I couldn't agree more on the need for this kind of professional development for folks leading a school. A school leader of a independent direct funded charter school wears many hats. Often taking on superintendent like duties, executive director of a nonprofit organization, chief academic officer and the list of skills needed for these positions goes on and on.

I was recently invited to join Great Valley Academy in a meeting in Modesto with folks from the New Jerusalem School District and the Fortune School of Education to talk about the new services provided by the Fortune School of Education on school leader training and teacher credentialing. Although the teacher credentialing program they have sounds extremely impressive and could benefit folks in the Central Valley, what interested me the most was their new School Leadership Program. As stated on their website, you cannot have great schools without having great school leaders. What is most exciting is that this professional development is targeted for charter school leaders. I know I will touch on this again in the future because I believe it to be one of the most significant issues facing our charter school movement. You can also expect me to touch on it in the next round of regional meetings in the Central Valley. My hope is that people will read this and reach out to me to see how we can organize our own cohort of folks for these exciting growth opportunities... for our own personal development & for the sake of further progressing our charter school movement.

John Madrid
Regional Director, Central Valley