Lengthy Ballots for Sacramento Region Elections

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October 5, 2012 Voters have a lot to consider with a Presidential race, local elections, eleven state propositions, local school bond measures and local measures on the ballot in November.

Jill LeVine, Registrar of Voters for Sacramento County, is reminding absentee voters to put two first-class stamps on their ballots before they put them in the mailbox. The November ballot is heavy with so many local initiatives, local elections, state initiatives and the Presidential race. Fortunately, absentee voters can also drop off their ballots at numerous locations (see your county registrar of voters for drop-off locations).

With so many issues and candidates to consider, Families That Can has developed nonpartisan voter guides to give voters more information about candidates running for several Northern California school boards. Many times there isn't much information about down ticket races which aren't as highly publicized or the information available is biased for one candidate or initiative. Voters can also learn more about local school board candidates at public forums in the Sacramento region. This November, we hope to see every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and student at the polls. Their voices are critical to our democracy. We hope that our nonpartisan voter guides and local voter forums can help them choose candidates that reflect their views and values.