Facilities Bond Measure for Sacramento City Unified School District

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October 18, 2012 This November 6, voters in the Sacramento City Unified School District will have to decide if they want to support Measures Q and R, two school bond measures that would allow the district to provide extensive renovations to facilities.

With so many other issues on the ballot this year, SCUSD have parents launched a grassroots movement to educate voters and mobilize support for both measures. Backers of the measures cite the urgent need upgrade inadequate and outdated facilities in a district where the average school is 50 years old. Will homeowners be willing to pay $7 more per month to support these upgrades? Grassroots leaders are hoping that a mailer with detailed information about the upgrades to each school will sway voters to vote for the measures.

Measure Q would allow the district to issue up to $346 million in bonds for upgrading classrooms, science labs, computer systems and technology; renovating heating and ventilation systems; improving student safety and security systems; and repairing roofs, restrooms, floors and plumbing.

Measure R would allow SCUSD to issue $68 million in bonds for the repair of playgrounds and playfields to meet modern safety standards; the improvement of PE facilities and restrooms; the removal of asbestos and lead paint; and the upgrading of kitchen facilities to improve children's nutrition.