SB 740 Facility Grant Applications Now Available: Due Sept. 18, 2012

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September 7, 2012 Follow this link for:

  • a cover letter with specific program criteria
  • the application
  • other important materials to apply for the program

The completed application must be submitted to the CDE by September 18, 2012. While CDE recognizes that the application time line is short, the initial application process is relatively simple and should not be too time consuming. Also, this year there are minor changes to the application so schools that have already participated in the program should be able to expedite the process.

The SB 740 Charter School Facility Grant Program was enacted to provide assistance with facilities rent and lease expenditures for charter schools that meet certain eligibility criteria. Eligible charter schools may receive funds for facilities rent and lease costs in an amount of up to $750 per unit of classroom-based ADA, but no more than 75 percent of their total annual facilities rent and lease costs for the charter school. Charter schools with 70 percent or more of the pupil enrollment eligible for free or reduced price meals, or schools located in an elementary attendance area in which 70 percent or more of the pupil enrollment is eligible for free or reduced price meals, may be eligible for funding.

Charter schools are encouraged to review the letter and instructions before submitting the application. The instructions provide specific timelines and processes for:

1) schools that participated in the program last year, 2) continuing schools that did not receive funding last year, and 3) new charter schools.

One major change this year is an increase in the advance amount, to 75 percent, for schools that were eligible in the prior year. CCSA has been working with CDE to streamline the program this year, and this change will get funds out sooner, and reduce the total payments that CDE has to process. We appreciate CDE's efforts in making these changes, and consider this a positive development.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact Noel Davis, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, at the CDE Charter Schools Division, by phone at 916-324-7139 or by e-mail at