Oakland Non-Partisan Voter Guides

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September 27, 2012 Families That Can has created easy-to-read, nonpartisan voter guides to help you learn more about the candidates running for school board in a variety of communities across the state, including Oakland. Four of the seven OUSD board seats will be contested in November. Find out where candidates stand on education so that you can make informed decisions when you cast your ballot.

Families That Can's CIVICS campaign is a statewide, non-partisan effort to encourage voter participation in the upcoming elections. Sometimes voters lack the information they need to make decisions about candidates, especially in local elections. This year, Families That Can asked candidates in a variety of school board races across the state to share their views on education. Their responses were gathered and packaged into our handy nonpartisan voter guides to help educate voters about their choices. "Non-partisan" means these guides were not developed to promote specific candidates or viewpoints.

We suggest that you distribute to your families and post a link on your school website for easy access. With more than 10,000 students attending Oakland charter schools, voter education on charter specific issues is critical.

Find the Oakland voter guide here.