External Opportunity: LA Charter Leaders Could Join School Leaders Network for Free

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September 20, 2012 In a time of intensive administrator accountability and evaluation, it is imperative that school leaders are focused, more than ever before, on student achievement. The students in Los Angeles--especially those who are most challenged--deserve to learn from the most qualified teachers, carefully led by the most efficacious principals. However, school leaders cannot successfully perform this job alone. They need the collaborative support of dedicated colleagues.

There is an opportunity for charter school educators to try out a SLN network in the near future. However, SLN needs to know more about what kind of support you would find most beneficial.

About School Leaders Network

School Leaders Network is LA's fastest growing support system for principals. Our monthly network meetings are led by highly skilled facilitators, who shape learning experiences for principals with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for children. Each meeting is designed to meet the needs of individual school leaders as they delve into causal effects of student problems and collectively strategize how to transform their schools into communities of collaborative teams, working together to increase teacher and student learning. Learn more about School Leaders Network.