Countdown to Start of New Facilities Initiative

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September 21, 2012 CCSA recently launched a new initiative, the Charter School Facilities Initiative, a comprehensive analysis of the issues and challenges facing California's charter schools and their access to affordable, adequate facilities.

CCSA is focused on creating a policy environment that dramatically improves support for the varied facilities needs of charter schools across our state. Making it a reality, however, requires substantially better data about the current state of charter school facilities. Our efforts to shape a policy environment where every charter school in California has access to an adequate, affordable facility begin with our developing an accurate picture of where our state's charter schools are today.

The participation of charter schools in the survey is vital to its success and to obtain accurate data. The collected data will be analyzed and used in materials supporting our policy efforts to address many challenges charter schools face, including limited state funding, expensive private leases, and school districts obstructing the ability of charter schools to acquire available campus space.

A team of facilities and finance experts have developed an online questionnaire that schools will receive via email during the week of October 29 (updated). The survey takes about 45 minutes to complete. The early-bird deadline for entry in a drawing for prizes is Wednesday, November 14 and the final deadline is Friday, December 14 (updated).

A staff member or consultant from CCSA will contact schools to schedule an on-site appointment to assist with the questionnaire, including taking measurements of school buildings and answering any questions. The questionnaire itself will include appropriate directions and contact information for further assistance. Please contact the Project Manager, Dion Jackson directly for more information at (213) 244-1446 ext. 242 or

Please be sure to take action when you receive our email!